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Technology and education of male and female

In my presentation about Gender and Technology I mentioned the development of male and female especially in their education in school and their chances for a well-paid career.

I presented as a solution for the Divide in technical areas the Single Sex Schools looking at the working with computers.

Single-sex education means the separating of boys and girls in the classroom. The students are divided in the sexes, so they should have different style of education what means the lessons are structured differently, but are equal in the social contact also in the end in the educational level. In this schools or special classes only the teaching methods are specified to their sex.

In single-sex school, for instance a school with only female pupils, the girls have more freedom to practise working with the PC, because there aren’t any boys who disturb and annoy them when the girls try to understand the technology. A research on a high school in Karlsruhe (Germany), which is only for girls, has shown that girls can be good with computers, too.

In this school, the teachers remarked an increasing interest in science classes. The teachers use a lot of technologies in these science classes, so the girls ca try to work with new technology. This school has won many prices in science competitions, which is an excellent proof for the work with technology in this school. The girls are by themselves without boys and use technology. Often they have to develop presentations with the computers in the school and they do the work and research very well.

This school is a good example how girls can be introduced to using new technology. Another solution to solve the problem of the Digital Divide can be to offer computer courses at school to boys and girls. With the new methods the self-confidence and the trust in technology is sponsor shipped by the schools and their teachers. Girls and boys have the right to be well prepared to begin studies in technical areas or to get a job that is combined with technology. This can be equally interesting for boys and for girls when they start to work in our society.

Later the boys and girls may study technolgy and start a career in this business area.

Women and men can choose technical fields in the university.

Engineering and Related Technologies or Information Technology were dominated by the male. The areas Health and Education are in turn dominated by women. This shows the effect of the Digital divide on women and men in a convincing way. A lot of female students don’t have the courage to choose a career in those men-dominated business areas. Another statistic shows that there are different earning incomes one year after leaving study between female and male students who chose Engineering and Related Technologies or Information Technology. This situation is exemplarily for Europe and other countries.

These facts have to be changed by the women; they have to be encouraged for technology. However we have to accept that the differences between the sexes and their attitude to technology have led to the fact, that women don’t study something with technology and that the digital divide will be there when, the women don’t leave the stereotypes behind them.

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