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The myth of Super Dad

In our seminarcourse we had some presentations about different topics of our book “Gender Roles”.

In the last time, we listened to a presentation about “The myth of Super Dad”. First of all the two who hold their presentation introduced Tony Blair to us. He is a politician and was three periods long the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. But yet in some articles he is shown as a person who works a lot but successfully combines this with being a lovely and well caring dad for his children. All in all he is presented as a “Super Dad” who is of course the best of all dads. This is a man who cares about his children regardless of the consequences. He only wants his children to have a good and happy lifetime with a lot of fun which they can enjoy. This type of father is the ideal picture for many women. It’s very hard to combine being a dad with a stressful job. They can’t relax then because they have to work around the clock. This can be a male role and there are three types of being a dad, which are not all helpful for the women.

There is the “Smug Dad Syndrome” with a dad who plays the nicest dad who cares lovely about her children, but only in public places. This men's behavior changes at home and in private. These dads have the opinion that it is the task of the woman to care about the children at home. In public places the men only want to have a better image when he plays the lovely caring father. These men could be like Tony Blair who gets presented as a “Super Dad” in the media. We can say that a “Smug Dad” isn’t a real father.

The “New Man” is a second type for a dad. This type of a dad cares for his baby and sacrifices himself for it. He keeps one’s mind on his appearance, his style and the fashion, but he loves his children.

There is a quote of Mark Perry who said: “A really guy cares about women and sex, but not because of babies and fatherhood“. In my opinion this isn’t true in the most cases. In a normal family the father loves his children and so he enjoys it to care lovely about them and so there is a “Super Dad” in a lot of families.

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